Replacing Text in Oracle

I know that you can find this information elsewhere and probably learn on how to do it, so it will be a simple post. Niagara Falls

###Request: To migrate the http:// to https:// url in all the content items for them to display correctly.

Yes, you might be thinking they can implementin NGIX or Apache a redirect, and they did so that is already completed, but the items still don’t display because they only do one request.

After a few investigations, we found that the content items stored in Blackboard under the course_contents table in the main_data field was not modified correctly or entirely, so we grabbed a course, modified and it did work.

####Test Before and as always a best practice is to backup, so we back up the rows that we were going to be modifying by doing the following:

create table course_content_enrique as select main_data from course_contents where main_data like '%http://%'
and crsmain_pk1 in (select pk1 from course_main where course_id = 'enrique_course'); 

Then we actually did the change in the table:

   SET cc.main_data = REPLACE(main_data, 'http://', 'https://)
   where cc.main_data like '%http://%' and cc.crsmain_pk1 = 1111;

It worked.

####Running it completely. Now, as before, we back up the entire table, just as a precautionary meassure.

create table course_contents_aug_12_2014 as  select * from course_contents where main_data like '%http://%';

and then just modify it and don’t limit the action to one course.

SET cc.main_data = REPLACE(main_data, 'http://', 'https://)
   where cc.main_data like '%http://%';

###Now understanding that replace It was interesting that I didn’t had to use any weird concept or cursors to do this, in fact it was the first time that I was not looking at complex REGEX or things like that.

I used the replace function in Oracle. Its interesting because it doesn’t require much and it only touches the section of the substring that you are using. I can understand that its quite slow, but performance wasn’t a concern at this time, more was getting the job done.

####How to use it? It has 3 parameters:

  1. column
  2. String to search and replace with item 3
  3. New String

So, you can create a query to see how it looks like the following:

SELECT REPLACE(main_data, 'http://', 'https://')
FROM course_contents
WHERE crsmain_pk1 IN (select pk1 from course_main where course_id = 'enrique_course');

This can help you show what you are looking for, and if it is, then just switch it for the update statement.

UPDATE table t
SET t.column = REPLACE(t.column, 'find_n_replace', 'new_string')
--to limit
--WHERE =  1

Happy replacing!

Written on August 12, 2014