New Signature

For the past few years I have been looking at corporate signatures and how many have different things. There are a few things that i loved, some that i hated but a few that i actually liked.


This isn’t going to be an analysis of how signatures should be or what they are or should include, but just my opinion on how important is a nice and accurate signature.

No no

Lets start with what for me is the biggest No No. Including images in your signature, simply a no no. There are tons of way that you can have a great, impressive, shocking, nice signature, but having an image is just something else that the mail app / browser needs to download. It can become slow depending on the connection and simple its not fun anymore.


A few of my pointers and things that I just love in signature

  • If you want to make a statement you can, use different typefaces which include different type of fonts or even, italic, bold or underline
  • Don’t over do bold, italic or underline. Remember you are trying to do an statement, not have everything monotomous.
  • Use colors. Its great, is there, and its free. Most of mail apps support some sort of CSS and even Hotmail / Yahoo / GMail signatures can include color.
  • The fewer lines the better. How many lines do you need to have for your signature? Email / Blog(Web) / Twitter / GPlus / Facebook / Phone / Office / Cell / Pager (why???) some other, c’mon. there is no need for this many.

End game.

I have been contacted a few times by 10Gen folks, and their signature i really love. Its simple, its readable, and its quiet nice.

What does it contain? Nothing out of the ordinary, its simple JSON read more here - what is json. So After reviewing it, i made mine, as fewer lines as possible.

{ "name"     : "Enrique Valenzuela",
  "blog"     : "",
  "linkedin" : "",
  "twitter"  : "@emvp84" }

Why didn’t i included my email? Simple, you are already contacting me to my email. And if you forward that email, and worst case scenario, the email is not included, my blog and linkedin have forms to contact me. So not overdoing the amount of information in it.

At this time, those are my main places that I have information, professional, “casual writter” and social network. I hope you enjoyed my post, you can use it to pre format yours if you want.

Disclaimer: this are just my personal opinion and nothing based on professional analysis.

Written on August 7, 2014