New beginnings!

how many new beginnings one need?

Sometimes or most of the time in the web the reborn is always existent, we are reborn every single time that we try to re invent ourselves and in the web world you kind of have to do it often.

But its my initiative to start writting again at least for documentation purposes or for me, why? well simple, I’m trying to re invent myself in different scenarios and learning new technologies, I’m not that dude that tried to conquer the world (although) I’m still trying, its harder since I have a day job and a night passion and also a girlfriend.

At the end, where ever your needs are, or if you are reading me, I’m trying to learn some new coding technologies, document my findings, and hopefully improve my computational skills somehow.

This is a new blog, not made by wordpress but made without any database, and made with database-less CMS and hopefully easy documentent purposes. I’m trying to re build a tool that I built for my work that is a web scrapping tool and hopefully can help and improve some of my daily tasks, you will find it here.

Written on August 3, 2013