Installing Node and Ghost in [mt]

After installing Node and Ghost, my suggestion is initially you follow the following

Steps to install Ghost


  1. Update everything available via yum yum update
  2. Get Node into a temp folder where you are going to compile it
    cd /temp/
	curl -O
  1. Gunzip the folder tar -zxvf node-v0.10.19.tar.gz
  2. Get inside the folder cd node-v0.10.19
  3. Then compile it doing the following:
    make install

Steps to install Ghost


  1. Hopefully you were one of the guys that back them too, but if not, Ghost will release their Blogging software soon enough.
  2. Go in to the site and download your copy.
  3. Create a folder, I choose to install it where the Apache is located so it can be related so cd /var/www/
  4. Make the folder for my site mkdir
  5. Now navigate inside that folder cd /var/www/
  6. Here you will upload the copy of Ghost.
  7. Unzip the folder unzip
  8. Then install it by doing npm install

Ta-da! its installed!!

Now lets configure Apache to work with NodeJS

Steps to configure Apache with NodeJS


  1. Hopefully you have configured vhosts, my folder is cd /etc/httpd/vhosts
  2. Create my file for my domain vi enriquemanuel.conf
  3. Here if you know your IP (you should | if not do a tracerout to your domain and get the Public IP attached to it) create the directive: <VirtualHost> This includes the Port that Apache is displaying content.
  4. Then create the following content inside that directive

    ServerName ProxyRequests off

    <Proxy *> Order deny,allow Allow from all </Proxy>

    ProxyPass http://localhost:2368/ ProxyPassReverse http://localhost:2368/
  5. Now close the VirtualHost directive.

Please be aware that you need to change the servername to yours and also change the virtualhost directive with your IP

Now lets configure and start everything


  1. Lets restart apache if not already done by doing

    service httpd restart /etc/init.d/httpd restart

  2. Either of the options above do the same thing, so its up to you.
  3. Now lets configure and start NodeJS, go to your domain or where you create the folder in our case is cd /var/www/
  4. Lets copy the configuration and make our own cp config.example.js config.js
  5. Now lets open the config.js and make it our own vi config.js
  6. Change the domain name to your own, in my case it was so we change it accordingly
    url: '',

In the different sections that its needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE Please be aware that most of the links that start with http:// are creating the link <a href if you see this in the end content, please remove it or just use the direct url removing this.


Not for me by any means, Iā€™m still trying to move everything here. I have use a varierity of Blog Systems before including: Wordpress, Joomla, Mambo, Concrete 5, Jekyll, NestaCMS and other stuff but for one in the time its good to use one that is solely made to Bloggin.

And to finalize this blog post, I need to migrate all my content from my previous posts, so wait for more posts to hit the page.

If you have access to the Ghost System you should got an email how to install it in Centos, I use that as a starter on how to do this. So you can use both to guide you.


Written on September 26, 2013