How to merge pdf files on a mac

A few days ago I was in the need to merge different pdf files into one, but unfortunately there was no easy option to do this, but after a while, it appears that you don’t need a special license of any kind or the adobe acrobat professional or anything like that you need your Apple Preview. video: merging pdf files

I will list the steps here and also will put a jing video below.

  1. Create a copy of the original file (just a backup), its always a good idea.
  2. Open the first pdf (the one that you want everything together in)
  3. Now open the sidebar if it isn't open yet
    1. Top Menu - Click View
    2. Sidebar
    3. Show Sidebar
  4. If you don't want to do that, you can do ( (Command key) + (Shift key) + D) - hot key
  5. Now drag the second pdf file into the first one - in the sidebar
  6. Don't drag it anywhere, this is the important part, you need to place it on top of the first file
  7. This will automatically create the second file
  8. Now save this file
  9. The file will be the same as the first one that you opened

I hope you enjoyed it and now can make multiple pdfs, as you know now, this can work with anything (image files, pdf) or whatever file Apple Preview opens.

If you want or need to watch the video, click the following link: merging pdf files

More information and tutorial you can find it here:

Written on March 29, 2012